Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The good guys at http://www.mi-boutique.com/ have been kind enough to add me to their crew and started flowing me some of the very nice garms that they sell from their shop in Bendigo. I recommend you head on over to their site and start spending some wong! and if you use the 'fraksha' code they'll even give you a 15% discount off your order, how nice of them is that?

Next week see's them launching the Dissizit Spring 2010 range and to celebrate they're throwing a party at their store and then a big after party at Star Bar in Bendigo where me and Scotty will be heading down to shock out with a big set, so if thats your part of the world then come down and say hi.
Here's the facebook link to the event

and here's a little promo video for it too

Mi Boutique Urban Wear DISSIZIT SPRING 2010 LAUNCH


[Line Launch Details]

Shop 17 Killians Walk, Bendigo

6pm - 8 Pm

Space is limited - First in, last sits in the gutter.


[After Party Details]

Star Bar Bendigo

crn pall mall & mundy st Bendigo

9pm til late

$2.50 Pots 9pm - 11pm

Plus other venue drink specials.

Plus a speical spot from

Nine High out of the UK!

Giveaways from Mi Boutique All night!


"DISSIZIT, DISSIZIT, DISSIZIT!" (THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT!) A quote from the documentary "Style Wars" was all SLICK needed to hear when he came up with the brand "DISSIZIT!" You can read it several different ways, but the way SLICK chooses to interpret the saying would be "this is it!", the final, the end, the shit, or that we've finally arrived. The designs are courtesy of O.G. graff legend "SLICK", who had his start airbrushing t-shirts on the shores of Waikiki and worked his way to Los Angeles.

SLICK is no stranger to the clothing game; for graffiti it was "Third Rail", for skaters and punks he did "Fuct Clothing", he brought you the Asian flavor with a street twist with "Shaolin Worldwide", and he has finally come full circle back to his graff roots with "DISSIZIT!"

SLICK's art has been featured in countless documentaries, magazines, music videos, feature films and even an album cover or two, most notably "The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde". For more on SLICK's art, check out http://www.dissizslix.com, or on a train or wall near you.

It's difficult to track the direction of the brand because SLICK likes to change things up every couple of months. He likes to keep things interesting and fuck with what's hot that particular moment, and flipping it, but never straying too far from the graff. The brand is geared toward graff artists, as well as graff enthusiasts. Because of the countless t-shirt companies popping up worldwide, "DISSIZIT!" has decided to give back to the consumers by offering graffiti collectables with every tee purchase, as a token of appreciation for their support.

"DISSIZIT!" is still a relatively small operation, but they are able to stay below the radar and flip new products every couple of months, unlike the bigger companies who are locked in a particular trend and has to deal with seasons and trade shows. SLICK says that sometimes it's difficult to come up with dope shit every couple of months, just to have the bigger dogs come down and swoop to make a killing. Still "DISSIZIT!" continues to grow at a steady pace, unaffected by this unforgiving industry where brands pop up and disappear every day, "DISSIZIT!" is here to stay.

"DISSIZIT!" makes a sweet ass spraycan plushy. Don't sleep on these cats! Everything is limited, so if you get it, cool, if you don't, ya snoozed. Don't trip though if you miss a release, you can probably get something similar soon after from one of the hundreds of whack ass brands in stores everywhere.


Totally forgot to up my own goddamn video which i released a few weeks ago!?! Here it is, and look out for the remixes which i will stick up as a package real soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010


We (Smashbrothers) just got Raekwon support, gonna be nuts! more info soon



Thursday, February 11, 2010


Its something we've been talking about for a while and now it finally looks like its coming to fruition. We're just in the process of confirming timeslots etc, but we're gonna be starting a weekly show on Melbourne's finest http://www.kissfm.com.au/ real soon. I've not had a show since i used to do pirates back in England with Felz and Scotty so very much looking forward to it.

We're gonna run it between a few of us and take a week each to mix it up each concentrating on slightly different styles from the same family. So its gonna run something like this;

Dust, LJ + Fiend (dubstep / funky)
Affiks + A13 (dubstep / glitch / crack house)
Same-o + Fooishbar (dubstep)
Fraksha (grime / bashment / dubstep)

Will let you know when its all up and running but if you want me to play any of your stuff please send it through to nine-high@hotmail.co.uk


Myself and Affiks played in Hobart in December and had a ball (hold tight the Curried Scallop Pie mandem), so much so that we've been asked to go back again in March. This time for an all day festival of all things bass! Its a benefit gig on the long weekend for Labour Day and it sounds like its gonna be proper fun. No flyer yet but press release thingy below

An epic line up of international, interstate, and hobarts finest in reggae, dub, dubstep, glitch, grime and all the wobbly bits ensures it's a sunday session not to be missed.

A lazy tenner on the door gets you in on the action, and funds raised go to Still Wild, Still Threatened.

And the other thing, Monday is a holiday, Sunday's gunna be HUGE.

Renegades of Dub
Sunday March 7th (Labor Day Eve)
The Brisbane Hotel - Hobart

Doors - 4pm 'till late,


The Nomad (NZ)

Johnny Hooves (NZ/Shapeshifter)

MC Fraksha (NineHigh/UK)

Affiks (Heavy Innit/Melb)

Acumen (Tas)

DJ Grotesque (Tas)

VJ Sloth (Acumen) mixing visuals in the big room all night




& Beat Poet Max Bladel

+ hobarts finest in reggae, dub, dubstep, glitch, grime and all the wobbly bits

benefit for those who love dope parties, and the still wild still threatened crew http://www.stillwildstillthreatened.org/


Something i've been after for aaages in Melbourne is a proper garage and funky rave so i was hyped when my fellow Englishman LJ decided it was time to get this sorted. Thiis Saturday at Miss Libs, come down, sip on some Moet, dust off your Moschino and dance about like a loon to some classics!


Same-o and Fooishbar have been putting in a load of work the past year bringing some massive shows to Melbourne, my personal favourites being the Cotti, Tes La Rock and Silkie gigs and for some reason they've decided to give you lucky sods a freebie this month if you go the the facebook page for the event which is below. They're always wicked fun parties and i'll be there on mic duties so come down and get messy. The next one's gonna be the 1st Birthday event and from what i hear its gonna be laaarge!



So we had some distro problems which saw us not getting any $$ from the copies sold in the shops so we thought fuck it and cut out the middle man and give it away for free!

Grab it here at soundcloud...
Latest tracks by fraksha

or here from sendspace

while i was at it i also uploaded our 'Take Two' mixtape from 2005

Tell a friend!


Yeah its that time once more, break out your skanking shoes and get down to the Night Owl on Sat 20th for another month of absolute madness!

Check the promo vid below

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It might have taken 2 years to get going but its shaping up to be one of the biggest clashes in grime. For those who've not been keeping up basically P Money has been sending for Ghetts for the past couple years with no response, but now Ghetts has a new release coming up he's decided to go for it.

First up last week was this video below (sound quality is pretty shocking really)

Then P came back with this a day later

and then this from Ghetts

I'd say Ghetts is ahead right now, but apparently P is going studio on Wednesday so hold tight for some big bar!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Its been a while innit! I suppose I’ve just been enjoying the weather while its been good, so that means lots of partying, festivals, barbeque’s etc etc and a few gigs here and there.

Swung thru Sydney for the Days Like This festival with Rhys, Phazes and my flatmate Belle which was mad fun! None of the fluoro, steroid abusing wasteman contingent you get at so many festivals theses days which was a bonus. Probably the best festival I’ve been to in terms of organization and just general enjoyment, just a pity you can’t go to a festival now without there being bare cops everywhere! No matter, we still managed to get what we needed inside. Oh yeah, also caught Al Green for FREE the night before. He played an outdoor show as part of Sydney Festival for thooooousands, how good is that?

All of us looking a little murky at Al Green

Vodka gaffer tapped to thigh hurts when you remove it!

Next up was Hot BBQ down in Portsea where I was hosting Flagrants video set. Now if there ever was a total opposite to Days Like This then Hot BBQ was it! The location was beautiful, right on the coast, but unfortunately it was ridiculously windy that day turning the whole place into a dust storm. The crowd was full of the worst kind of pop tarts, the rider kept running out and the sun fucked off!

Then however we found the 'artist enclosure' and this changed everything! For those that dont know, Point Nepean where the festival is held, is an army barracks of some sort so the artist enclosure was some big compound of barracks right on the sea front which we could only get to via some 4 x 4 golf buggy type thing which was mad fun! No lack of alchohol here either! Lots of amazing food, i had too many steaks and no joke i think it was 18 chocolate eclairs! So when i found a hammock i thought sod this, i'm not going back and instead went to sleep until everyone was ready to drive home.

Next fun thing was a paint party at some warehouse on Little Lonsdale street. No idea what to expect here whatsoever but it ended up being a wicked event and left a few people wanting to hurt me (you deserved everything Soph!)
Rolled up and they gave us all white chemical suits and hospital slippers which we chilled in for a piece while taking advantage of the free bar and hot dogs. Then we were ushered into a completely white room with bar and DJ's and shitloads of buckets of paint everywhere. An alarm went off and we all basically went fucking mad chucking paint everywhere. There were bare chiefs just dabbing you with a paint brush all timid and that so there was only one thing to do but pick up multiple buckets and just start dumping on peoples heads!

Next up was the Summer Innit party in Edinborough Gardens. The last one was sick, this one smashed it! Bare people there, lots of sun, alcohol and big tunes. I did the show with Silkie the night before (which was real good, man is a heavy DJ) and he popped down and spun in the park too alongside the Heavy Innit regulars. Hopefully the sun will allow there to be another one this year.

Anyone that knows me knows i HATE spiders! Took me long enough to jump on a plane to Australia in the first place 'cos i'm so shook on them so you can imagine my horror at being bityten by a goddamn whitetail, in my bedroom of all places!!!

So being the shook one i am i refused to set foot in my bedroom for a week until i had a chance to get someone to do a sweep of the area. This meant sleeping on the couch and watching baaaare movies to get to sleep so here's my brief one line reviews of my January viewing:

The Hangover: If you don’t think this is funny then you should stick sharp things in your wrist

Freddy V Jason: Amazingly terrible film, but loved it all the same

True Romance: For some reason I'd never seen all of this. Thought it was pretty rubbish for the most part although I did fall in love with Patricia Arguette's character

Donkey Punch: Worst acting I've seen in a long while, although the death at the hands of a flare was pretty amazing! Note: The real life Donkey Punch film is pretty horrendous!!!

Platoon: Not as good as I remember as a kid, kinda comical at times too

Harry Brown: Great film, Michael Caine is a badman in this!

Taken: Laim Neeson on a big man ting in this one! The kneecap electrocution is immense!

Apocalypse Now: Tooo long! Wicked film tho, just could have been shorter

Serial Mum: One of my favourite films of the 90’s, watched this bare when I was younger and its still heavy

That was a long post, hopefully i wont neglect the blog so much again but who knows!

Last but not least, check Belle's T-Shirt : )

Shouts to Belle, Tom, Teresa and Huw for the flicks

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After a busy weekend just gone in Sydney this one coming up looks even busier!

Its third Saturday of the month so that means the first Wobble of 2010 this weekend! We got Flagrant with his debut Wobble set where he's also going to incorporate video's into his set which should be interesting

Before that earlier in the day i'll be mc'ing for Flagrants set at Hot BBQ down in Portsea which should be a big one

and then the next day (hangover should be interesting) we got the 2nd of the Heavy Innit park parties. If you were the last one you know wha gwan! Just be there

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


See that little fan box thing top right over there >>>>>
Well if you go there i just stuck some new tunes up including a quick mixtape preview...or you could just click this link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=383535575164&id=626756927#/pages/FRAKSHA/65732049632?ref=mf


Really looking forward to this one, something a little different


And in a nice end to the year we got number one spot in Triple R's end of year best video round up. Check the link below. Massive shouts to Rosco and crew for their continued support throughout the year and here's to a bigger and better 2010!

01. The Cookout (M-Phazes RMX) - Nine High

After years of traveling back and forward between the UK and Oz, 2009 finally saw the official debut from one of the deadliest MC trios on any continent. Although Phazes produced several album tracks, this one wasn't reworked until after the record was on shelves. Our man's Fraksha, Scotty Hinds & Felony are all set to drop some heavy solo mixtapes early in the new year, but until then enjoy the lads as they run a supermarket sweep that Ian Turpie would be proud of!

Plus, how many rap groups you know kicking knowledge on aromatic duck? Nuff said!


Christmas was massive and messy, taken a little while to get over it all and with New Year fast approaching its safe to say things are gonna be on the backburner for a few days at least!

If you're still not sure what to do for New Years then i reckon you need to come to Bass Jump. If you've not heard about it then let me tell you its gonna be fucking huuuge! Just check the flyer below for details and set times below that, see ya there!


300 - 4:30 Finna
430 - 5:30 Kubist
530 - 6:30 Kallous
630 - 7:30 Keir
730 - 8:30 Spectrasoul + MC LowQui
830 - 9:30 Consequence
930 - 10:30 Patch & Pase Mc
1030 – 12:00 Bukem & MC Conrad
12:00 - 130 DJ Marky & Stamina MC
130 – 230 Spectrasoul
230 - 330 Seven
330- 430 JPS
430 - close Rinseout


5:00- 6:00 RolN
6:00 - 7:00 Ruxspin
700 - 800 1LC
800 - 900 Trooper
9 - 10 Beatski & MC Skillz
10 - 11 DJ Hype & Daddy Earl
11 -12.30 Safire & Dabeata + MC Skillz
12:30 - 1.30 Cern
1:30 – 2.45 State Of Mind & MC LowQui
2:45 - 4 Chook
4 - close BBA


5:00 - 6:00 Cammo-Leaf
6:00 - 7:00 Livewire & MC Skillz
7:00 - 8:00 Heartical Hi Fi w/ Boover Banton
8:00 - 9:00 Affiks b2b A13 w/ Fraksha
9:00 - 10:00 Dust & Fiend
10:00 - 11:30 Joker
11:30 - 1.30 Skream Benga & MC LowQui
1.30 - 2.30 Kito
2.30 - 3.30 Hatcha
3.30 - 4.30 Same O
4.30 - 5.30 AC23


5 - 7 Kodiak kid
7 - 9 Spin Fx
9 - 11 Tobias B2B Teilhard
11- 12 Muska
12 -2 Barron Vonrotton vs Dstrakt
2 - 3 Fooishbar
3 - 4 Dysphemic

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its been a maaaasive year, here are some of my highlights from 2009

Devlin absolutely killed it with 'London City' i thought as do many others from its popularity this year. Proper makes me feel homesick! I've also stuck in 'Community outcast' as although its an old track the video was new this year.



'Next hype' was without doubt the number one grime tune this year and really put Tempz out there. Raves everywhere were destroyed by this tune, i dont think i've played anywhere this year where this didnt get a reload! Extra props for the jokes Westwood cameo at the beginning


This one's my Summer jumpoff for sure! Bushbash killed it bringing Shizzle and Discreet together on the Miss Independant riddim. Pure quotables...'brush ya bladder like a broom'. I've absolutely rinsed this tune, love it!


When Loco first played me this one i just screwed up my face and went 'uuuurrrrgh'! Fucking filthy! There's a a video of us on youtube somewhere when he drops it at Wobble, you should see the looks on our faces, madness!


Gotta thank Loco again for putting me on to this one which i actually didnt feel when i first heard it, but boy did it grow on me. This one's emosh blaaad!


Couldnt have a best tunes of the year list without Wiley getting in there somewhere and to be fair i could have stuck a few more in there from his 'Race against time' album from this year, but this is a percy.


This ones another tune that absolutely bust up the dance this year with D Double and Footsie doing their double act thing like only they can over a massive Breakage beat. Some sick remixes about too


Its been a big year for OG'Z and in particular P Money who'se 'Money over Everything' CD was one of the standout releases this year. This one here with a beat courtesy of Sukh Knight is straight up muckiness! Certified screwface whenever i hear this one


With his unique style people been waiting on Big H to drop something solid for a good few years now and it didnt dissapoint when it arrived. 'Street crime UK' got a lot of people hype this year and with his new one 'Fire and Smoke' coming in early 2010 he's only gonna cement himself further as a big gun in the scene


There's probably bare tunes i've missed, but off the top right now these are my 2009 jumpoffs!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


was laaarge! To be honest i wasnt expecting much but Hobart surpassed absolutely smashed it. Me, Afficks + A13 played from 1-3 and the place was going off the whole time, in fact it was fully packed and rowdy till around 5am or so. 'Next Hype' as expected standardly killed it as did 'Hard' from Breakage and Newham Gens. Big up Grotesque and Dameza too.

Here's a little interview i did for a Hobart newspaper over there. Somehow they called me a DJ instead of an MC, but trust me i've had worse!

(click on the image to read it)

Dont forgot Wobble this Saturday at the Nightowl with one of Mexi's last shows before he moves to the states!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So Devs has apparently signed a nice big deal, couldnt happen to a more deserving artist really. This new one rides the lines nicely between keeping the grime fans happy and appealing to the mainstream at the same time, although the video is very 8 mile-ish. Hope the label dont try and push him as a UK Eminem 'cos that would be shit

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tattooed girls, my favourite!


Yep, its end of the year list time once again. I'll drop my favourite tunes of the year in a bit but for now these are my favourite shows of 2009 (and luckily for me i was involved in most of them)


May as well start with our own bloody show huh? The culmination of lots of hard work and round the world trips finally saw our album released earlier in the year. Byron and Loco flew over to join me and Scotty for a couple months to promo it which ended with our show at Miss Libs which was FUCKING AMAZING!!! Couldnt have asked for a better response really, had a ball!


Not many nights last two years, especially when they pack them in month in month out like Wobble do. Every month me and Scotty alongside AC23 have a wicked time, but the birthday event really took the cake. Never seen it going off like it did that night! Big up to Cubist, Derrick and AC23!


Unfortunately The Laundry has now shut its doors but this show in particular stood out for me as one of the best shows of 2009 and a highlight of a succesful year for Heavy Innit!! Selection was big, no chinstroking, lots of hype and a mad crowd. Hold tight Badddums and Affiks for continually killing it with the shows!


Well the Wiley show didnt happen, not that we didnt try our hardest, but situations just got out of our control. Nevertheless, we managed at the very last minute (around 6pm on the night of the show) to secure a new venue, got Skeppy and Bless down for it and had a killer. To be honest it was probably better than if the show had gone ahead in its original form as we just took it old school, riddims, bars and reloads.


Not much i'm gonna say on this one other than this was possibly the best and most fun i've had at a hip hop show! People who know me know i get real bored with most hip hop shows so for me to say that it had to be big!


The Too Much boys have put in a lot of work this year with some murky shows, but this one stood out for as their number one for the year. Alongside Heartical Hi Fi Cotti and Tes La Rock ripped the nightowl apart! Cottis selection was so on point, cant wait to see him here again. Big up to Fooishbar and Same-o for a wicked one!

There ya have it!


Its been an absolutely massive year for Wobble, particularly the last 23 months events which have been maaaasive! So we got the last one of the year next weekend so you know what to expect, Santa's, presents etc tc. Come dressed as Santa for cheap entry as well. I got my boy Mexi playing as well in one of his last sets before he jets of to the States to live so very much looking forward to this one!


the first Heavy Innit!! in the park on Sunday was a massive success! Drinks were flowing, green was burning, there was dancing, big tunes and lots of sun! Next one will be very soon so look out! Big up to Affiks and Brendan once again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Been a lack of updates recently 'cos where i work has barred me from pretty much everything!?!?

Anyone tho, this Friday night me and Scotty are taking the Nine High thing across to Adelaide for the Crossbred Mongrels album launch party at HQ so come down if you're Adelaide based.

Flying back the next day and will be getting some well needed rest in time for this below on Sunday. It was supposed to kick off last weekend but the weather put paid to that. I'm gonna be on barbeque duties so come down and munch some meat, tofu, whatever it is you munch on and drink some alcohol!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Saturday night is Favela which i've not been to for tiiiime (well 2 months i think), so i think i'm due on messing myself up on Agwa once again...

Then on Sunday we're getting the park thing rolling with Heavy Innits first party in the park for the Summer....expect Dubstep, expect grime, expect bashment, expect a barbeque etc etc
Sunday 29th Nov from 1pm @ Edinburgh Gardens